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Head & Neck Tumor Embolization Specialist

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Before surgery to remove a tumor, head and neck tumor embolization is used to stop blood flow to the tumor to ease removal. At RIA Neurovascular in Denver, Colorado, you have access to highly skilled medical professionals who offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services. To learn more about head and neck tumor embolization, call the office to book an appointment today.

Head & Neck Tumor Embolization Q & A

What is tumor embolization?

Tumor embolization is a procedure used to slow or stop the flow of blood to a tumor in preparation for surgical resection, or removal. The embolization process not only shuts down blood flow to the tumor to reduce bleeding during the removal procedure, but it can also make it easier to see the margins of the tumor and ease the removal process. 

What is the process for head and neck tumor embolization?

The process begins with a cerebral angiogram, which creates a roadmap of the blood vessels in the brain. This gives your surgeon an understanding of how blood is supplied to the tumor and whether embolization is a good option. 

RIA Neurovascular uses the Dyna-CTⓇ angiography system to create high-quality images of how blood vessels are arranged in relation to the nearby structures. The system requires a small dose of contrast dye before X-ray imaging. 

If embolization is the right course of action, the next step is to introduce an agent to stop the flow of blood in the targeted vessel. There are several types of agents to choose from. 

Some are made of polymers that resemble superglue, while others are made of tiny spheres of polyvinyl alcohol. There are even tiny platinum or alloy coils that can create a mesh to block blood from feeding the tumor.  

What are the benefits of head and neck tumor embolization?

The goal of tumor embolization is to improve the chances of success for surgically removing the tumor. By cutting off the tumor’s blood supply, there should be less bleeding during the operation. 

Embolization also helps reduce the amount of time it takes to remove a tumor. It also makes it easier to remove the tumor without harming adjacent healthy tissues. Perhaps most importantly, embolization improves the chance that all portions of the tumor are removed, lessening the risk of recurrence. 

Head and neck tumor embolization is one of many advanced treatments available from the team at RIA Neurovascular. Schedule a consultation today to discuss the options that meet your specific needs. Online booking is available, or you can always call to speak with a member of the administrative staff regarding scheduling.