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StrokeNet: Developed by the National Institute of Health

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StrokeNet, developed by NIH, is the new structure for federal funding of all aspects of stroke research including prevention, acute treatment, and recovery / rehabilitation. The University of Cincinnati has been named as the national coordinating center and there are 25 regional coordinating centers across the United States, including the University of Utah. RIA is very excited to have been designated as a satellite site of the University of Utah.

As individual research protocols are approved for funding through StrokeNet, we will determine implementation feasibility for our site. If the study is a good fit for our site, we will then engage and partner with other practices and facilities as appropriate to the specific protocol.

For more information about how we are participating with StrokeNet, please contact Alicia Drew, Director, Research and Physician Services at Radiology Imaging Associates

To learn more about StrokeNet, please visit their website here.

Alicia Drew, MSN, RN, CNL Director, Research & Physician Services

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We Are Committed to Clinical Research

RIA has a rich history of participation in clinical research and innovation dating back to the 1980s.  Many of our physicians believe it is important to contribute to science and advance medicine.